CCKW 353 Flatbed Truck (v.1)

American Truck
Model comes in one part (resin).

The GMC CCKW was a 2.5 ton truck, nicknamed the 'Deuce & a Half'. It came in two models, the 352 was a short wheel base and the 353 was long wheel base.

It was produced from 1941 to 1945 and over 572,000 of all varieties were built. Around 54,000 353s were built, a quarter of which were fitted with a machine gun mounting ring.

The CCKW truck was built by the General Motorworks Company. GMC used the initials to signify:
"C" - designed in 1941
"C" - conventional cab
"K" - all-wheel drive
"W"- dual rear axles

The truck saw service through WWII & Korea and into the 1960s.

There were many variants of the truck and the one modelled here is an alternative to our other similar model with extended sides on the bed.

Note: (Model is only available as a resin print)

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