M3A1 Scout Car (open) v2

British Armoured Car
Model comes as one part (resin)

The M3 Scout car was designed in 1937 and came about as a result of a request for a fast armoured car capable of towing the standard 37mm artillery piece. It was known as the White Scout car in British and Commonwealth service.

The M3A1 was an improvement from 1940 with a longer hull and an unditching roller.

It was capable of being armed with three machine guns on rails, a 50cal and two 30cals. They served in the Philippines and North Africa and many were sent to Russia.

They weighed 4 tonnes and carried a driver plus seven.

20,918 M3A1 models were produced between 1949 and 1944. They served in many nations in WWII and beyond.

This is another version of the same vehicle available on this site. 

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