Frequently Asked Questions

Who runs Paint and Glue?

  • That’s me, Garry. I’ve been running Paint and Glue since April 2019. However, this isn’t my full time job; I run it in my spare time as I have a full time job in one of the emergency services with which I have been for 42 years, 30 in uniform and 12 as a member of support staff. I am a wargamer, a sports photographer, ran my local camera club for 5 years and also run a workplace choir, so I’m pretty busy!

How do 3D printed models compare to normal plastic kits?

  • I'm not going to lie. 3D printed kits are not as finely detailed or sharp as commercial injected moulded kits like those made by Warlord Games, Rubicon, Tamiya etc. They are made by building up layers of very thin melted plastic and the layers can be seen on some models more than others, however, at normal "wargaming" distance of three feet they look absolutely fine and many people would be hard pushed to tell them apart from other model kits, especially with a couple of undercoats and a decent paint job. They cost a lot less than the kits you might be used to, and of course, as they come in only a few parts, you can start painting them much sooner than having to build a model kit.

What are the miniatures made from?
  • Our 3D printed models are made with PLA or Polylactic Acid. PLA is made from corn starch and sugar cane and, under certain conditions, is biodegradable (i.e. it requires heat and moisture to degrade. It is the same material as those biodegradable plastic cups).
  • We now also offer resin printed vehicles. These are usually finer in cosmetic quality with less evidence of printing layer lines and smoother surfaces. Resin prints, while looking better, are usually a bit more fragile and can break easier than plastic models if dropped.

How long does a model take to print?
  • Typically a single tank might take anything between 6 and 18 hours, the bigger the model, the longer it takes. The finer the layer height of the heated filament, the longer it takes. On the highest detail level a single model might take in excess of 24 hours to print.
  • please note that printing is not the whole process; once printed the model needs to be cleaned up and all the support material is removed. Unlike some other companies, I do not charge you more to clean up the model. So once printed it joins the queue to be cleaned up. Time taken to do this depends on how busy the orders are so might take a few days to a couple of weeks.

What will I get?
  • You are purchasing a 3D printed model. Many of our models come as one piece, fully formed. Others come in parts. A typical tank might come as four separate pieces, the hull, turret and two tracks. You may need to glue parts together. (I use Revell Contacta, the same glue I use to build commercial plastic kits. I also use super glue. Other glues may work). Models with separate turrets slot into a hole in the hull so they can fully rotate. While every effort is made to remove all the plastic support structures necessary for printing, there may be occasions where you might need to tidy up some tiny areas. This can easily be done with a craft knife, modelling file or sandpaper. There may be some small cosmetic issues but any major issues will result in a re-printed model before it is sent out.

What colour will my model be?
  • Most of my models are produced with white or grey PLA. On occasion I print in other colours such as blue or yellow. The colour of your model may be a colour other than grey depending on what spools are on the printers at the time of the order.
    It shouldn't make any difference as you will need to undercoat your models before painting, just as you would do with any normal plastic kit. All colours take an undercoat spray easily. My undercoat of choice is Wilko's grey primer (about £5.50 a can), many others are available.

When will I get it?
  • I  send the models out as soon as they are available but please bear in mind that each model needs to be printed on request, I don't keep stocks of models. Depending on workload this may take up to four weeks, however, I aim to print and send much sooner than this on the majority of occasions. Most orders go out between 10 days and 3 weeks, occasionally sooner or later.

What scale are your 3D printed miniatures.
  • The ones you see pictured in the web store are currently all 1/56 and priced as such. I can print in other scales, see below.

Can I have a model made in a different scale?
  • Of course. The models currently pictured on the site are 28mm or 1/56 scale and are priced for this scale. Most of the designs can be printed in scales from 1/200 up to 1/48. 
  • Most terrain is set up for orders at 1/56, 172 and 1/100. Different vehicle scale prices will be added in due course.
  • Prices for other scales are:
    • 1/48 - plus 20% on 1/56 prices
    • 1/72 - minus 20% on 1/56 prices
    • 1/76 - minus 25% on 1/56 prices
    • 1/100 - minus 60% on 1/56 prices
  • Typically you would place an order via email and I’ll send you a PayPal invoice. Please include a delivery address with your email.

I don't see the model for sale on the website, can you print one for me?
  • Very possibly, The designers I currently work with have something in excess of 600 vehicle designs. It's not possible to list all the different models and variations and they often add new designs, so if you don't see the exact model you are searching for, contact me. I may already have a design I can print for you.

What about Postage?
  • All our kits are sent out by Royal Mail. You can choose first or second class postage, signed or unsigned. Postage starts at £3.85 which is the standard second class small parcel rate, plus a little bit for the packaging.
  • I am happy to post abroad. Typically postage to Europe is around £6.00. Postage to the USA has increased since America pulled out of an international postal agreement in the summer 2020. Postage starts around £10.40 to USA.

Do you have a Returns Policy?
  • Yes. If you are not satisfied with your miniature, please let me know ASAP and I will do my best to resolve the issue. You can read more about returns here.