Vorpanzer IV Ausf E

Pz.Kpfw IV Ausf E
Model comes in two parts; Hull & Turret.

Officially designated as the Sd.Kfz 161, the Panzerkampfwagen IV was developed in the 1930s and was the most widely manufactured German tank of WWII. 

Over 8,500 units in varying designations were built. Its chassis was used as the base for many other vehicles, notably the StuG, Jagdpanzer, Wirbelwind, Hummel, Nashorn and Brummbar.

The Panzer IV saw service on all German fronts. It also saw service in Syria in the 1967 Six Day War.

The tank came in various designations from A-J with varying armour and weapons. It was supplied to the armies of Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Spain, Finland and Italy.

The Vorpanzer was designated as such due to having extra armour plates on the the front of the turret, hull sides and frontal glacis.

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