Ulvheim Inn

Drennheim and Ulvheim Towns
Model comes as four parts, ground floor, first floor, second floor & roof.

This is the Inn from the mythical town of Ulvheim. 

The ground floor consists of a covered entrance to the inn,  this leads into a large room with a staircase and a smaller room. The first floor is made up of two rooms, both larger than the ground floor. The larger of the two rooms has a staircase up to the second floor. The second floor is made of 3 rectangular rooms on of which has a bay window. The roo has  3 bay windows on each side, these are solid.

The roof is separate and models can be placed inside the ground, first and second floors.

The model measures approximately 185mm by 140mm and is 315mm high

Paint and Glue Miniatures is a licensed printer for Wonder Worlds.

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