Sherman M4A4

Standard M4 tank
This model comes as four parts; hull, turret & tracks.

The Sherman M4 was the most widely used allied tank with some 50,000  M4 & variants produced throughout the war. Production began in February 1942. It weighed some 33 tons and had a crew of five; commander, gunner, loader, driver assistant driver/bow gunner.

It was fitted with a 75mm M3 L/40 model gun and carried 90 rounds. It had a secondary cal.30 (7.62mm) Browning M1919A4 machine gun with 4,750 rounds. It was often fitted with a roof mounted cal.50 (12.7mm) Browning heavy machine gun.
By mid 1942, 2000 M4s were being produced a month in 11 US factories.

Many variants of the M4 were produced during the course of the war. It remained in service in the US Army until 1957.

7,499 M4A4s were produced between July 1942 and November 1943.

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