Sd.Kfz. 251 Ausf D/R35

German halftrack
Model comes as two parts; body & turret.

The Sdkfz 251 was the Hanomag halftrack armoured personnel carrier which served in all theatres throughout the war. The 251 came in at least 22 different configurations with four variants, Ausf(uhrung) A, B, C, & D for different roles and the one on offer here is the Ausf D - R35.

The 251 was designed to carry 10 mechanised troops into battle. Some 15,250 251s were produced during the course of the war. Although referred to as the 'Hanomag' which was the company who designed the model, they were made by several companies including Hanomag, Horch, Adlerwerke and Skoda.

Weighing some 7.8 tonnes it was capable of a speed of 32mph.

Thus vehicle represents an 251 converted to carry a turret from a French R35 tank. There is photographic evidence of at least one unit which was captured from the Germans and used by the Free French Forces in 1945.

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