Marmon Herrington Mk II 47mm

British Armoured Car
This model comes in two parts; Body & gun.

Originally designed for the South African Army, the Marmon-Herrington was a conglomeration of an American design, Canadian built chassis & engine and British-supplied armaments.

The MKI was used exclusively by the South African Union Defence Force while the MkII, depicted here, was also used by the British in North Africa. It was the first true four-wheeled drove armoured car in the Commonwealth forces.

887 MkIIs were produced of which 338 were used by the British.

The 6-ton vehicle had a crew of four; driver, co-driver/radio operator, gunner, co-gunner/mechanic. 

This version comes with an external Cannone da 47/32 47mm anti-tank gun.

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