Panzerjager I B 75mm Stuk 40 L/48

German Self-propelled Gun
Model comes in two parts; Hull & Turret.

The Panzerjager I was a converted Pz.Kpfw IB chassis with a Czech Skoda 4.7cm PaK (t) anti tank gun.202 Panzer Is were converted to Panzerjagers in 1940/41 and they saw action in France, north Africa and the Eastern Front.

The turret was removed and a fixed gun shield was fitted to protect the crew.

This model represents a modified Panzerjager I Ausf B which has had the standard 47mm PaK removed and replaced with a more powerful StuK 40 L/48 75mm gun found in the StuG III.

Not much is known about the vehicle and sources suggest it was a field modification. Numbers are not known but thought to be extremely low

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