Pz. 38(t)

This model comes in 2 parts; Hull and turret.

The Panzer 38(t) was originally a Czechoslovakian pre-war tank. Once the German forces took Czechoslovakia they took over the model and used it in the invasion of Poland, France & Russia.

Originally the Czech light tank 'Lt vz 38', the Germans renamed it 38 (t), the 't' standing for the German word for Czechoslovakia; tschechisch. Its chassi wa sused as the base for the Marder III self propelled gun.

Produced between 1939 and 1942, just over 1400 38(t)s were produced for the German army. Weighting around 10 tonnes, it was armed with a 37 mm KwK 38(t) L/47.8 and 2 7.92mm machine guns.

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