Dutch Town House 3

Five-storey house
Model comes as seven parts; 

This is a substantial Dutch town house. Tall and thin with the distinctive roof facade, these buildings can host loads of troops with easily removable storeys. Miniatures can be place don every floor including in the roof.

These are impressive 3D designs and would grace any wargames setting in the Netherlands.

The quoted price is for 5 floors, including the roof, however, you can have three, four, five or more. The building sits on a base with steps front and rear.

Should you want a building with less floors or you don't require the base, please contact me to discuss price changes. As a guidance, each floor costs round £8.00 and the base is £5.00 (at 1/56 scale)

Please note: although the picture here shows 3 main floors, the model, like the other Dutch Town Houses, actually comes with 4 as standard (plus the roof).

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