CCKW 353 Fuel Tanker (v.3)

American Truck
Model comes in one part (resin).

The GMC CCKW was a 2.5 ton truck, nicknamed the 'Deuce & a Half'. It came in two models, the 352 was a short wheel base and the 353 was long wheel base.

It was produced from 1941 to 1945 and over 572,000 of all varieties were built. Around 54,000 353s were built, a quarter of which were fitted with a machine gun mounting ring.

The CCKW truck was built by the General Motorworks Company. GMC used the initials to signify:
"C" - designed in 1941
"C" - conventional cab
"K" - all-wheel drive
"W"- dual rear axles

The truck saw service through WWII & Korea and into the 1960s.

There were many variants of the truck and the one modelled here is for a fuel tanker which comes with two fuel bowsers with rows of fuel cans down the side.

Note: (Model is only available as a resin print)

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