StuG Sig 33b

Sturm-Infanteriegeschütz 33B
This model comes in 1 part.

Thie StuG III was second only to the Hanomag in terms of the Germany's most produced fighting vehicle. Nearly 10,100 were built during WWII.

It was based on the Panzer III chassis but replaced the turret with an armoured superstructure containing a more powerful gun; the 7.5cm StuK 40 L/48. It also had a roof mounted 7.92mm MG34 machgine gun.

It had a crew of four; commander, driver, gunner & loader.

The Sig 33b version had a 15cm heavy infantry gun mounted on the Stug chassis,. They were built in late 1941 and saw action at Stalingrad.

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